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(b. 1936). Also Hiroaki. B. Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. 8th dan Tomiki Aikido-JAA, 1988. Graduate in Commerce of Waseda University in 1958 after which he entered C. Itoh Trading Company. Practiced judo and aikido in university days. Taught by Kenji TOMIKI. Lived abroad for a total of 13 years in England, the U. S. , and the Middle and Near East, where he taught aikido to various groups. Responsible for the organization of the BRITISH AIKIDO ASSOCIATION in 1966, and was among the first teachers of TOMIKI AIKIDO in the U. S. when he spent six years in Houston, Texas instructing at the Karl GEIS School of Judo during the early 1970s. Now head of research center planning department of C. Itoh Company. Member of Tokyo City Educational Commission and active in various other civic organizations. Presently Chief Executive Officer of the JAPAN AIKIDO ASSOCIATION, and Chairman of the WASEDA UNIVERSITY AIKIDO CLUB Alumnae. Author of book entitled Kuroobi Shosha Sekai o Iku.

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