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(b. c. 1919). 5th dan Tomiki Aikido- JAA; 6th dan Tomiki Aikido-BAA. Also 1st dan judo. Began aikido c. 1959 under Senta YAMADA, and later studied under Riki KOGURE, Tsunemitsu Naito, Takeshi INOUE, and Hideo OHBA. Founder member of the BRITISH AIKIDO ASSOCIATION, and presently its Honorary President. Host to Ohba during his three-month visit in 1976. Chief instructor of the Renzu Kwai Aikido Club. Renzu Kwai Aikido Club, c/o Mr. Bill Lawrence, 129 Cullen Square, South Ockendon, Essex RM15 6AD U. K. 0708 853655.