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(b. 1940). 7th Dan Aikido (Japan Aikido Association, March 1993); 7th Dan Iaido (Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei, June 2000), 7th Dan Jodo (ZNKR, October 2002). B. Singapore. Doctor (anesthetist) and acupuncturist. Began training in London in 1962 under Senta YAMADA, and later studied under Tsunemitsu Naito and Takeshi INOUE in England, and Kenji TOMIKI and Hideo OHBA during a five-month stay in Japan in 1972. Host to Ohba during his three-month visit to England in 1976, and again for his two-week stay in 1979. Founding member and Secretary of the EUROPEAN AIKIDO ASSOCIATION. Travels regularly to Japan, and conducts seminars in England and on the Continent. Author of three books on TOMIKI AIKIDO (see bibl. ). Owner and chief instructor of the Yawara Centre. Yawara Centre, 205 Merton Rd. , London SW18 5EE U. K. (081)874-3658.