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(1903-1989). B. Fukuchiyama, Kyoto. Entered the Economics Department of Keio University in 1922. After graduation, Ashihara worked for a time at a kimono store. In 1931, he became a believer in the OMOTO RELIGION. Ashihara was taught AIKI BUDO by Morihei UESHIBA during the BUDO SEN'YOKAI period in Ayabe. He was in charge of the publication of a newsletter entitled BUDO which was printed for a short time in the early 1930s. He recorded notes of lectures given by Ueshiba which were then edited into articles appearing in the newsletter. In 1935, Ashihara was involved in the SECOND OMOTO INCIDENT which resulted in his imprisonment together with Onisaburo DEGUCHI for three years. After his release, he worked for the Economics Research Bureau in Tokyo until retiring in 1961. Later, Ashihara was the Director of the Jinrui Aizenkai of the Omoto Religion and head of the Public Relations Section. In 1977, he became a councillor for the Omoto Religion in Ayabe until retiring in 1980. Interviewed AN#41.

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