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(7 January 1895-24 March 1964). Also Aritomo. A judoka and practitioner of Katori Shinto-ryu at the Kodokan together with Minoru MOCHIZUKI in the late 1920s. Began martial arts training in 1908. Entered the KOBUKAN DOJO where his monthly tuition fees were covered by the Kodokan. After training under Morihei UESHIBA, he joined the OMOTO RELIGION and participated in BUDO SEN'YOKAI activities, in particular, at the Takeda Dojo in Hyogo Prefecture. Murashige taught aiki budo in Manchuria together with Yoichiro INOUE in 1933. After the war, he taught aikido in Mandalay, Burma for several years beginning in 1953. Murashige later relocated to Belgium at the behest of Nyoichi Sakurazawa (Georges Ohsawa), founder of macrobiotics, in 1962 where he established a dojo in September. He spent his last years instructing until his death in an automobile accident near Louvain.

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