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(b. 19 June 1947). 5th dan Yoshinkan Aikido. Professional aikido instructor and official representative for YOSHINKAN AIKIDO in West Germany. Extensive judo background. Member of Metropolitan Police Martial Arts Platoon from 1966-1971. Began aikido training in 1977 in Munich, Germany. Relocated to West Germany in 1972 at the time of the Munich Olympic games to teach judo. Returned to Japan in 1983 for one and one-half years intensive training in aikido and established ties with Yoshinkan Aikido. Again returned to Munich to teach Yoshinkan Aikido and created YOSHINKAN AIKIDO DEUTSCHLAND. Aikido Yoshinkan Institute Munchen, Hiltenspergerstr. 9, Munchen 40, 8000 West Germany (089)271-6444.