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(1910-9 February 2000). B. Kagoshima Prefecture. Began kendo as a boy and entered the Daidokan Dojo at 17 with the goal of becoming a kendo professional. One of the top students of famous swordsman Hakudo NAKAYAMA. Entered the YUSHINKAN DOJO in January 1930 at age 19. Known as one of the samba garasu (three crows, roughly equivalent to the "Three Musketeers") of kendo fame in the 1920s and 1930s. He became the adopted son and designated successor of Morihei UESHIBA in 1932 and assumed the name of Morihiro Ueshiba upon his marriage to the founder's daughter, Matsuko. The two were divorced about five years later. Nakakura left the Ueshiba Dojo to return to kendo. Nakakura had a long and highly successful career in competitive kendo and IAIDO that lasted into his 70s. Nakakura was a ninth dan HANSHI in both kendo and iaido and one of Japan's leading swordsmen. He was active as the head kendo instructor at Hitotsubashi University until his death.

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