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(1876-1969). Also Saburo. B. Fukuoka Prefecture. Became a military investigator at age 16. Left Japan in 1902 and wandered about Mongolia. After Russo-Japanese War, Nakamura suffered from tuberculosis. He went to the U. S. to study medicine at Columbia University and received a doctorate. Unable to cure his illness, he traveled to England, France, Belgium and Germany seeking a cure. On his way back to Japan he met a traveler in Egypt, a philosopher named Kaliapa, who took him to Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world (28,146 feet). He spent time in meditation and attained spiritual enlightenment. Nakamura developed a self-improvement system called Shin Shin Toitsu Do based on elements of yoga, martial arts and various other oriental disciplines. He remained active as the head of this organization until his death at age 93. Nakamura was an acquaintance of Morihei UESHIBA. His importance for aikido lies in the fact that the aikido of Koichi TOHEI, Hiroshi TADA, Tadashi ABE, and others was heavily influenced by Nakamura's concepts and exercises.

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