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(27 April 1911-2 February 1986). B. Hideo Tozawa in Nakagawa-mura, Akita-ken. 9th dan Tomiki Aikido-JAA, 6th dan Kodokan Judo, 4th dan kendo, 3rd dan naginata-do; also dan holder in iaido, jukendo, and kyudo. Aikido and judo instructor. Started judo while at Kakunodate Middle School. In his final year he became captain of the judo club, and after graduation became a part-time judo teacher there. Met Kenji TOMIKI in 1931 when he came to teach at the school. Was sent to China as a member of the Akita infantry during the Manchurian Incident in 1931. Returned to Japan in 1933 and became Tomiki's assistant judo teacher. Trained regularly at the Kodokan and was promoted to 5th dan in 1935. Joined Tomiki at KENKOKU UNIVERSITY in Manchuria in 1941 where he taught judo and aikido and studied kendo and naginata-do. In 1942 he was uke for Morihei UESHIBA at the Martial Arts Demonstration commemorating the tenth anniversary of the founding of Manchuria. The next year he received his 6th dan in what was then known as Tenshin-ryu Aiki Budo from Ueshiba. After his return to Japan in 1945, he taught judo to police in the Akita area until Tomiki called for his assistance in Tokyo in 1960. Instructed at the Waseda Aikido Club, the Aoyama Wrestling Center, the U. S. Armed Forces Base at Fuchu, and other locations in the Tokyo area. Became second Chairman of the JAPAN AIKIDO ASSOCIATION on Tomiki's death in December 1979. Traveled abroad to Taiwan (1970), England and Europe (1976, 1979), and Australia (1981). See AN#85-86.

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