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Born 18 July 1947 in Rennes, France. Professional judo teacher certified by French Ministry of Youth and Sports. 7th dan Yoseikan Shihan. YOSEIKAN BUDO OKUDEN MENKYO (Certificate of Secrets Teachings of Yoseikan Budo) from Minoru Mochizuki, Number 17 of 20. Fluent in French, English, German, Japanese. First began judo in 1962, then karate and aikido in France under Hiroo MOCHIZUKI. Active as a judo competitor until 1970. Spent 1970-1977 at the YOSEIKAN Hombu Dojo in Shizuoka City, Japan, as an UCHIDESHI of Minoru MOCHIZUKI. Auge was appointed representative of the Yoseikan for North America by Minoru Mochizuki, Dec. 1st, 1975. Thereafter established several schools in Ottawa, Canada and Los Angeles, USA areas together with his wife, Kaoru Sugiyama. Technical director of International Yoseikan Budo Federation, North American Branch. Full-time professional aikido teacher. Regular yearly visits to Japan since 1977.

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