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(b. 1910-26 May 1991). 9th dan Aikikai. Entered the KOBUKAN DOJO 1941 and trained for a brief period before World War II. Osawa held the post of Director of the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO for many years until replaced by Moriteru UESHIBA in 1986. He has traveled abroad on numerous occasions beginning with a 1974 trip to the U. S. Osawa is one of the major decision-makers within the Aikikai for both foreign and domestic matters. He presently serves as an adviser to DOSHU Kisshomaru UESHIBA and is one of the senior instructors of the Aikikai, where he teaches one class per week. His style of aikido is characterized by round, slow-motion movements. Interviewed AN#14; see also AN#11, 12.

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