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(b. c. 1951) 6th dan Aikikai. B. Detroit, Michigan. Aikido instructor and movie actor. After studying karate under Fumio Demura, began practice of aikido in the late 1960s or early 1970's at the Orange County Aikikai in California under Harry ISHISAKA. Received 1st dan from Koichi TOHEI in Orange County in the summer of 1974 and traveled to Japan shortly thereafter. Seagal separated from Tohei's organization and assumed direction of the AIKIKAI-HOMBU-affiliated Tenshin Aikido Dojo in Osaka which was owned by his Japanese wife's parents. He was rapidly promoted to 5th dan in consideration of his position as chief instructor of the dojo and was eventually awarded 6th dan. Currently, he operates a dojo in Hollywood, California. Seagal has starred in two successful feature films, Above the Law released in the U. S. in April 1988, and Hard to Kill in 1990, in which he has displayed aikido techniques. Tenshin Dojo, 8505 Santa Monica Blvd. , West Hollywood, CA 90029 USA (213)657-2266.