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(1923-13 November 2010). Also Kanehira and Kan'ei. 9th dan Aikikai, 1961. B. Kagoshima Prefecture. From a family of devout OMOTO RELIGION believers. Younger step-brother of Kanemoto SUNADOMARI and brother of Fukiko SUNADOMARI. He spent a brief period as UCHIDESHI in the KOBUKAN DOJO in 1942. Sunadomari separated from the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO around the time of the death of Morihei UESHIBA. He established the MANSEIKAN dojo in Kumamoto, Kyushu in 1954 and now has numerous affiliated dojos in his organization. Sunadomari changed the name of his art to "Aiki Manseido" in 1999. He was noted for his dynamic KI NO NAGARE technique and emphasis on the principle of KOKYU. Author of several books on aikido, including one in English. Appeared in AIKIDO FRIENDSHIP DEMONSTRATION I in 1985. Interviewed in AN#64-65.

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