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(b. 10 March 1958). 4th dan Tomiki Aikido, 1989-JAA [rank authenticated]; 1st dan judo, 1984. Entrepreneur. Began training in Baltimore, Maryland in 1974. Certified police self-defense instructor of the U. S. Karate Association and Justice System Training Association. Presently teaches martial arts courses for Baltimore City Schools. Currently taught aikido by Yoji KONDO. Also teaches at two dojos in the Baltimore area. Towson Aikido Club, Towson YMCA, 600 W. Chesapeake Ave. , Towson, MD 21204 USA (301)823-8870 Ellicott City Aikido, Howard County YMCA, 4331 Montgomery Rd. , Ellicott City, MD 21043 USA (301)465-4334.