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(26 December 1894-4 May 1972). KODOKAN Judo, 9th dan Shihan. B. Nagasaki. First taught judo at age 13 in Nagasaki. Entered the Kodokan on 21 March 1914. His connection to aikido stems from the fact that he taught judo to Morihei UESHIBA, Yoichiro INOUE and other youths in Tanabe for a brief period c. 1911. Inoue states that Takagi came in answer to a request from Ueshiba's father, Yoroku, to the Kodokan that a judo instructor be sent to Tanabe. The date of 1907-1909 given in Kisshomaru UESHIBA's biography seems to be too early since Takagi would only have been 13 to 15 years old at the time. Operated a judo dojo in Koenji in Tokyo for many years until his death. See AN#73.

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