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(b. February 1942). 7th dan Aikikai, 1989. First taught by Shoji NISHIO at Toyo University in Tokyo in 1962. An UCHIDESHI at the IWAMA Dojo under Morihiro SAITO beginning in 1968 until the death of Morihei UESHIBA in April 1969. Relocated to Sweden in August 1969 where he initially settled in Stockholm. Tomita then spent a year in Gothenburg before returning to Stockholm where he has remained since. He opened his own dojo in 1976. Tomita also travels frequently to Denmark, the U. K. and Italy for instruction. He has maintained close ties with Saito and provides regular instruction in the AIKI KEN and AIKI JO. Aikido Dojo Stockholm, Kommendorsgatan 29, Stockholm, S114 48 Sweden (08)600601