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(8 November 1947-4 July 2001). 6th dan Shinshin Toitsu Aikido. Graduate in law of Senshu University. Entered the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO as an UCHIDESHI under Koichi TOHEI and Kisshomaru UESHIBA in the late 1960s. Toyoda sided with Tohei upon his separation from the Aikikai Hombu in 1974 and became part of the KI NO KENKYUKAI. He relocated to Chicago, Illinois in the mid-1970s. Toyoda separated from the Tohei organization c. 1980 and formed an independent organization called the AIKIDO ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA. Although still remaining independent, Toyoda later succeeding in re-establishing ties with the Aikikai. The AAA is a large, geographically diverse aikido organization consisting of some 70 dojos in the U. S. , Japan and Europe. Ten Shin Kan Dojo, Japanese Culture Center, 1016 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60657 USA (312)525-3141.