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(b. 15 August 1948). 6th dan Aikikai. Translator/interpreter. Fluent speaker of Japanese. Began training at AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO in January 1971 and continued through 1987. Influenced technically by Shigenobu OKUMURA and Norihiko ICHIHASHI. Extensive background in classical Japanese weapons traditions and archery. Translated Morihei UESHIBA's BUDO RENSHU and a collection of over 100 of the founder's DOKA poems (AN#46). Also translated Kisshomaru UESHIBA's Founder of Aikido Memorial Photo Collection and revised his English-language Aikido in addition to translating articles by various Hombu SHIHAN. Established dojo at Mazda Motors in Flatrock, Michigan. Trains and instructs throughout U. S.