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Lit., Tales of the Spirit World. An immense 81-volume work dictated by Onisaburo DEGUCHI, co-founder of the OMOTO RELIGION, consisting of allegorical stories, poetry and prophecies. Onisaburo began dictation on 18 October 1921 shortly after his release from prison following the FIRST OMOTO INCIDENT. The content is based on his intense spiritual experiences while practicing asceticism on Mt. Takakuma near Kameoka from 1-7 March 1898. The work serves as one of the scriptures of the Omoto religion along with the OFUDESAKI of Foundress Nao DEGUCHI. Morihei Ueshiba appears in the Nyumoki (Record of Entering Mongolia), a special section of the Reikai Monogatari. Onisaburo traveled secretly to Mongolia in 1924 with three of his pupils, Ueshiba among them. In the Nyumoki, his name was "Moritaka Ueshiba" in Japanese or "Wan Shuko" in Chinese.