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(January 1900-1978). First son of Prince Kuninori Kayanomiya. First cousin of Nagako Kuninomiya who married the Showa Emperor in 1924. The Kayanomiya family was established as an independent family lineage in 1900. Studied at Army Central Preparatory School at age 14 in preparation for a military career. Attended the Army Officers' School and Army College. As an army officer he held the following posts: Commanding Officer of the Cavalry Regiment, Superintendent of the Army Toyama School (1942-43), and Superintendent of the Army College. Rose to the rank of Lieutenant-General and awarded the Grand Order of the Chrysantemum, Third Rank. Studied aiki budo under Morihei Ueshiba for brief period c. 1937-38. The Budo technical manual published by the KOBUKAN DOJO was produced at the behest of Kayanomiya.

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