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(b. 27 May 1957). 5th dan Aikikai (1998). Financial advisor. B. in Coral Gables, Florida. M.B.A. Finance, University of South Florida, 1983. B.F.A. Communications, University of Florida, 1980. Began martial arts study (MooDukKwan-TaeKwonDo, and later kendo, and iaido) in 1970 and aikido practice in 1972 under Dr. H. T. Walker. U.S. National karate champion, 1979. Florida state karate champion 1978 to 1983. Traveled to Iwama for training under Morihiro SAITO in 1989 and 1991. Studied with many direct students of Morihei UESHIBA and other prominent aikido teachers. Chief instructor of American Butokukan, an international, not-for-profit, organization with clubs at over ten universities across the United States, and abroad, since 1975.

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