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(b. 6 September 1950). 6th dan Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. Aikido Instructor. B.A. Geography, Florida Atlantic University (1972). B. in New Brunswick, New Jersey. First taught aikido by Bill McIntyre in Sarasota, Florida in 1973. Began martial arts training (USKA Karate) in 1968 under Mark Smith. Trained under Mitsugi SAOTOME beginning in 1975, a relationship that continues to the present. One of the senior members of AIKIDO SCHOOLS OF UESHIBA. Featured in the 1986 book Aikido and the Harmony of Nature (Shambhala Press) by Saotome, the 2002 production The Budo Experience (Budo Productions LLC), and the 2002 Aiki Expo tapes (Aikido Journal). Currently teaches at the Jihonjuku Dojo in Largo, Florida, with affiliate schools in Tampa, Miami, Gainesville and Portland.

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