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(b. 27 February 1945). Headmaster/Founder Shuyokan. Retired police offer. B. in Los Angeles, California. First taught Shuyokan Ryu (aikido, judo, jujutsu, Shotokan Karate Jutsu) beginning in 1962. Holds dan rankings in Kodokan Judo and jujitsu, Shotokan Karate Jutsu and Yoshinkan Aikido. Served as police officer for 34 years in Costa Mesa, California and was the lead Defensive Tactics Instructor for his department. Produced an eight-volume set of videotapes on the use of Yoshinkan Aikido techniques for Law Enforcement. Taught United States Army Special Forces-Airborne Division in the use of Shuyokan Ryu techniques for homeland security and wartime use (2003). Currently teaches as Assistant Defensive Tactics Instructor at the Orange County Sheriff's Academy. Chief Instructor of Shuyokan Ryu since 1980 offering training in judo, jujitsu, Karate Jutsu and aikido.

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