Aikido Journal Weekly Sale!: Koichi Tohei in “Aikido with Ki” + Wonderful Bonus!

Koichi Tohei in “Aikido with Ki” + Wonderful Bonus!

Koichi Tohei
“Aikido With Ki” on DVD!

“Aikido’s First 10th Dan”

Where did the aikido we practice today come from? A man who played a critical role in the gestation of modern aikido is Koichi Tohei. Today, Tohei Sensei is a forgotten name in many quarters, surely an unconscionable omission. Through his many books in both Japanese and English, and his extensive travels in Japan and the USA, Tohei Sensei left a permanent mark on the content and pedagogy of aikido during the postwar period.

For this week’s Aikido Journal special, we offer the first and only DVD to cover the topic of Koichi Tohei’s many contributions and activities to the early spread of aikido. This DVD also explores the preparatory exercises and basic techniques developed by Tohei Sensei aimed at developing the use of ki in aikido. The highlight of the program is a lengthy section featuring rare footage of a seminar taught by Tohei Sensei in his prime.

The second product you will receive as a bonus in this special is a one-of-a-kind DVD containing thousands of pages of magazine articles covering every aspect of aikido. It features the entire contents of Aiki News / Aikido Journal published over two-and-one-half decades in easy-to-access PDF format.

Contents of “Koichi Tohei – Aikido With Ki”

Cover of "Koichi Tohei - Aikido With Ki"

Documentary: a presentation tracing the early life and aikido background of Koichi Tohei through his years as Chief Instructor of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, through his establishment of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido in 1974. Many historical photos capture the highlights of Tohei Sensei’s stellar career and explain why his efforts and accomplishments have left such an indelible imprint on modern aikido.

Warmups and preparatory exercises: this section presents the elaborate warmups and exercise system developed by Tohei Sensei as a prelude to training in aikido techniques. They emphasize stability, relaxation, and the proper use of ki.

Techniques: a presentation of the technical curriculum taught by Tohei Sensei during the 1950s, 60s, and early 70s, during his tenure at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Tohei Sensei demonstrates most of his “50 Arts of Aikido” from a 1967 film.

Seminar: nearly 40 minutes of rare film footage of a 1974 seminar conducted by Tohei Sensei in San Francisco. Scores of techniques from his curriculum are clearly demonstrated. This historical film has been digitally remastered for the highest possible image quality.

Demonstrations: bonus footage of four demonstrations by Tohei Sensei: 1952 demonstration outdoors, also featuring Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Tadashi Abe; 1967 All-Japan Aikido Demonstration; 1968 Special Demonstration at Hombu Dojo; 1973 All-Japan Aikido Demonstration.

Plus a Wonderful Bonus for Your Collection!
“Aiki News / Aikido Journal Archives DVD”

Cover of Aiki News / Aikido Journal Archives DVD

This archive contains the most complete collection available of documents on all aspects of Aikido, Daito-ryu aikijujutsu, and other Japanese martial arts. It includes hundreds of articles, interviews, essays, and events replete with thousands of photos.

Aiki News — later renamed Aikido Journal — began as a small newsletter first published in 1974, and eventually grew into one of the most respected magazines dedicated to Aikido. Look at the rich content of this DVD:

• 26 years of back issues of Aiki News / Aikido Journal

• More than 4,300 page scans in resizable format

• Each issue presented in Acrobat PDF format with article links

• Special audio lecture: 4-hour audio lecture on Aikido history by Editor-in-chief Stanley Pranin

• Added Bonus: Complete Encyclopedia of Aikido written by Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin published in 1991 presented in PDF format. 238 pages including hundreds of biographies and terms, a dojo directory, chronology of Morihei Ueshiba, and a subject bibliography

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Who is Koichi Tohei?

Koichi Tohei is one of the most important figures in the postwar development of aikido. He played a pivotal role in spreading the art in Japan and the USA from the early 1950s through the mid-1970s. Tohei traveled abroad on numerous occasions during his active years conducting seminars and demonstrations. He is also a prolific author, having published many works in Japanese and English. His publications had a strong influence both technically and philosophically on early aikido practitioners.

The many benefits you will derive
from owning these two DVDs…

You’re serious about your aikido training… otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this! You’re not only an athlete who takes pride in your health and considers self-defense important in your life, you have become captivated by aikido’s technique and philosophy.

Every bit of well-researched information concerning the art adds to your storehouse of knowledge, and makes you a more well-rounded aikidoka. The Koichi Tohei Sensei DVD may fill a gap in your understanding of how modern-day aikido came into being. Tohei Sensei was one of the most outstanding of the early teachers, yet you may know very little about him. Now you can easily remedy this situation by absorbing the contents of this information-packed DVD. You will begin to understand his vast contributions to the art, and get a first-hand look at his teaching methods and execution of aikido techniques.

Next, our bonus DVD consisting of all of the contents of Aiki News / Aikido Journal — a total of 26 years of publications totaling more than 4,000 pages — will open your eyes to the depth and breadth of aikido. You will be kept busy, literally for years, reading all of the articles, interviews, technical sections, reports, etc., on every aspect of the art. You will fast become a “walking encyclopedia” of all things aikido-related, and your training will take on a new dimension!

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“Koichi Tohei – Aikido With Ki”

“Aiki News / Aikido Journal Archives on DVD”

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