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Morihiro Saito: Lost Seminars, Part 7
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Morihiro Saito: Lost Seminars, Part 7 ($29.95)

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  • Morihiro Saito
  • Aikido Journal (2009)
  • 169 min., color
  • DVD-R, Multilingual
  • English, Japanese

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This program is the seventh part of a DVD series presenting important historical footage of Morihiro Saito from his active years conducting seminars in Japan and abroad. The scenes you will see in this compilation are from a weekend seminar Saito Sensei taught in 1994 at Sunset Cliffs Aikido in San Diego, California.

The instruction in this DVD covers in great detail iriminage, kotegaeshi, and koshinage techniques from numerous different attacks including both basic and ki no nagare variations. Saito Sensei reveals the depth of Iwama Aikido in his own inimitable teaching style delivering an essential instalment of still more of the vast technical curriculum bequeathed by the Founder of Aikido.

Contents include:

Seminar in San Diego, California - September 23-25, 1994

Katadori iriminage ▪ katadori koshinage ▪ katadori kotegaeshi ▪ katatedori iriminage ▪ katatedori kokyunage ▪ katatedori koshinage ▪ kosadori kotegaeshi ▪ morotedori iriminage ▪ morotedori koshinage ▪ munadori koshinage ▪ ryokatadori kokyunage ▪ ryokatadori koshinage ▪ ryotedori kokyunage ▪ munetsuki koshinage ▪ ryotedori koshinage ▪ shomenuchi iriminage ▪ shomenuchi koshinage ▪ shomenuchi kotegaeshi ▪ sodedori kokyunage ▪ tsuki iriminage ▪ tsuki kotegaeshi ▪ ushiro eridori iriminage ▪ ushiro katatedori kubishime koshinage ▪ ushiro ryotedori koshinage ▪ ushiro ryotedori kotegaeshi ▪ yokomenuchi iriminage ▪ yokomenuchi koshinage ▪ yokomenuchi kotegaeshi.

All footage used in this production was graciously provided by Bernice Tom Sensei of Sunset Cliffs Aikido, San Diego, California.

Japanese with English subtitles

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