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Aikido for Kids

Book Summary:

Though there are some techniques covered in this book, most of it--like O'Connor's "Student Handbook"-- is designed to present the beginner, in this case young people, with answers to questions such as what is Aikido, etiquette, warms ups, blending exercises, and a Note to Parents. The authors trained in Saotome's school and have taught kids classes for many years.

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Review by: John Benner

This is one of the best resources on Aikido for children ever published! It is best suited to 7-year olds and up and effectively describes both Aikido philosophy and ethics as well as basic stretches and techniques common to nearly every Aikido school. I use this book as a children's Aikido instructor when I go to schools to introduce Aikido or when I want to offer information to a parent who is curious about martial arts for their child. Included in the excellent photography are demonstration pictures featuring children of color (a rarity in children's martial arts books) and a child in a wheelchair. There is also a nice section at the end of the book that gives good advice for parents looking for a dojo for their child.

If you have a friend who asks you about Aikido classes for their kid, this is the book to pass on to them.

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