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Book Summary:

One of the earliest and most recognized English-language Aikido works, this volume is a compilation of the earlier Japanese-language works entitled "Aikido" and "Aikido Giho" (or Gihou). Authored by the Nidai Doshu while O'Sensei was still alive, the book is primarily a collection of waza instruction, with photos and footwork diagrams. Edited and reprinted many times, and originally published in hardback with cardboard slipcover. The first softcover edition appeared in 1985.

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Review by: Nev Sagiba

This book is a translation of Aikido 1958 and Aikido Giho 1960.

I had the very first edition of this which came out sometime in the sixties but it was vandalized and, to my regret I ended up giving it away.

I later purchased a 1966 print and a 1975 print, both in hard cover and seldom looked at them, but on the odd occasion where I experienced an impasse in my training I found the answers in this book.

I later saw soft cover versions in print but they were often cheap and tatty copies which looked like they had been produced with a photocopier.

To his immense credit Kisshomaru Ueshiba has produced a classic in this book. I strongly urge every serious Aikido practitioner to acquire a copy, or to urge this book to be republished in a quality format.

After 35 years of Aikido training I can unequivocally say that this book contains the secrets and all the KEY techniques which will guide you to the secrets of Aikido.

Thank you Kisshomaru.

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