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Aikido Memoirs

Book Summary:

From the Publisher: One Irishman's lifetime search for the answer to the mystery of Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido.

From three years at the Hombu dojo in the 1960s to the answer in the 1990s.

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Review by: Mike Mc Namara

As this book was written by my Sensei I could not wait to read it. It is a wonderful account of how and why Alan wound up in Japan with O'Sensei for a few years. It is a book that I found both easy and difficult to read.

The easy part is the journey and day to day living in Japan. As a fellow Irishman I can fully understand and appreciate the journey Alan took with all it's challenges and the humor associated with all the stories that Alan Sensei has shared many times on the mat while giving seminars. Alan has a great sense of story telling and if one closes one's eyes you can almost imagine being there. The book doesn't just focus on training but on what life was like outside the dojo. This is told in Alan's wonderful style of humility and humor.

The difficult part of the book is the reason Alan wrote it. In it he explains what he believes is the Secret to O'Sensei's Aikido. It will open the eyes of anyone who reads it and maybe challenge some beliefs. Having shared a mat with Alan several times I can truly understand what he is teaching.

Wonderful book with many rare photos taken by Henry Kono Sensei.

Highly recommended just wish it was longer.

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