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Aikido, Iron Balls and Elbow Power

Book Summary:

Alex Essani, the Aikido teacher and practitioner, whose thoughts about the practice of Aikido are expressed in this book, does not actually exist - he is a fictitious character invented by the author as a means of exploring ideas.

However, the training philosophy and methods attributed to Alex Essani are definitely not fictitious: they are based on the author’s personal experiences with real Aikido instructors, in particular his current sensei, and on many years of practising, studying and teaching Aikido. The conversations between the two main characters, Alex Essani and his student Ian, are inventions used to illustrate an important principle or concept.

In this second edition of the book formerly entitled “Iron Balls and Elbow Power”, the author has revised or extended many of the original chapters, and added seventeen new chapters and a completely new Part 3 which describes a range of commonly practised Aikido techniques.

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Review by: Paul Linden

Aikido, Iron Balls and Elbow Power

This is the Aikido book I’ve been waiting to read for my 40 years of Aikido practice. It’s both inspirational and practical at the same time. It’s like a string of pearls. Each short chapter focuses on a topic of great importance in Aikido, for example, continuity of consciousness throughout a technique, or what it means to move along with the power of an attack. Instead of simply showing defense moves, this book illuminates the underlying intentions and meanings that structure practice. This book is worth returning to time and again as a reminder of what we’re really practicing.

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