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Aikido Randori

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Book Summary:

Aikido randori is a competitive practice followed within the Japan Aikido Association (JAA) and allied organizations around the world. Judo and kendo are well known for incorporating competitive practice and, as an extension, competitions. Competitive aikido is less well known but is equal to both as a contemporary budo from historical, technical and educational viewpoints.

It is widely known that competitive aikido was created by Kenji Tomiki (1900-1979). His hard work and research in the latter years of his life concluded in the creation of a systematic practice method for randori in aikido.

This book describes this practice system, from the basics to application, along with an explanation of the underlying principles and a clarification of the historical and theoretical foundations of competitive aikido.

The result is a detailed work of reference that will not only benefit your randori practice but will improve your level of kata and give you a deeper insight into aikido in general.

This book contains a great deal of information. An excerpt and reviews can be seen at

• 301 pages of detailed descriptions of techniques and training methods

• 1130 photographs including many close-up pictures of important points

• Covers the majority of the content for the JAA kyu syllabus and part of the syllabus for the low dan grades

• Includes a copy of the latest rules for randori competition (excludes refereeing signals)

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