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Aikido for Life

Book Summary:

Aikido for Life offers a simple explanation of Aikido and how it can be used to train mind, breath and body. The book is similar in structure to the beginners class at Nippon Kan. Not only does it offer simple explanations and illustrations of basic Aikido movements and techniques, it also offers a look at the philosophy behind Aikido. Aikido for Life does not try to be simply an instructional manual. Rather, it explains how Aikido can help develop not only healthy bodies but a positive approach to life as well. Aikido for Life presents a teacher's view of Aikido and was written for beginning and experienced students alike. (source: NipponKan website)

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Review by: André Fettermann

Basically the author covers his method of teaching beginners at his organization, but still have a lot of tips for teachers and advanced students in how to deal with common behaviours and situations that happen in the dojo. All based on his own experience as a teacher. Not a book of techniques.

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