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Aikido Sketch Diary

Book Summary:

This book is an unusual collection of anecdotes built around the drawings and sketches of the author. Humorous and entertaining.

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Review by: Arjan de Vries

Well, it is a book which is easy to read. There are lots of topics but the it is divided in 5 sections:

1. Uchideshi training

2. practice

3. annual events

4. dojo operations

5. other aspects of the dojo

Every section has a number of stories which are told in a friendly, sometimes humorous way. It is clear Homma Sensei has a unique approach to aikido. He is totally in service of the community. On the other hand, he asks a great commitment of his students! Apparently, there are a lot of Nippon Kan members who would like to do all the work with Homma Sensei. `Aikido Of the mat` is a big deal at Nippon Kan!

Every anecdote starts with a drawing made by Homma himself. It truly ads something to the book.

I must say that uchideshi training looks like marine boot camp but I suppose this is my understanding and maybe the reallity is far from it (or maybe I am not the person for uchideshi program!)

It gives a good summery of all the things that could be done with an aikido dojo. It goes far beyond practice alone.

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