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Takemusu Aiki, Volume 2: Koshinage

Price: $14.95


This ebook consists of a rare technical manual originally published in 1981 containing a detailed treatise on the koshinage techniques of aikido. A total of 26 koshinage–hip-throw techniques–are presented with sequential photos accompanied by both English and Japanese explanations. This volume is the most complete compendium available on this portion of the aikido curriculum by one of the art’s most famous masters.


Takemusu Aikido: Kokyunage (Vol. 4)

Price: $28.95

Takemusu Aikido, Volume 4: Kokyunage is the fourth volume of a comprehensive technical series covering the aikido of the Founder Morihei Ueshiba, as taught in Iwama, Ibaragi Prefecture following World War II. This manual presents some 80 variations of kokyunage, among the most important techniques in the aikido curriculum. Bilingual, Japanese and English.


The Great Onisaburo Deguchi

Price: $29.95

Onisaburo Deguchi, although little known in the West, was a giant among religious leaders of twentieth century Japan. The Omoto faith, of which he was the driving force, is the most important of the "new religions" of Japan. At its zenith, the Omoto counted among its ranks some two million adherents and exerted a major impact on the political and religious affairs of prewar Japan. The scope of Onisaburo's life and achievements is truly superhuman. A prolific writer, poet, calligrapher, sculptor, and ceramist, Onisaburo left a vast cultural and artistic legacy that is truly awe-inspiring. Also, noteworthy is the fact that Onisaburo was the spiritual master of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. The latter drew heavily from Onisaburo's teachings in the creation of his ethically-based Aikido, a martial art practiced by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts worldwide.


The Official Yoshinkan Aikido Training Manual, Volume 1

Price: $27.95

In 1999, the Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu Dojo in collaboration with Aiki News published an updated edition of its official training manual in bilingual format. This training aid complied under the supervision of Kyoichi Inoue Sensei serves as an invaluable reference for beginners and instructors alike. The following groups of techniques are covered in great detail in Volume 1: